Over HyET Hydrogen B.V.

HyET (Hydrogen Efficiency Technologies) develops cutting edge hydrogen technology for industrial and automotive applications. HyET is founded in 2008 by the late inventor, visionary and entrepreneur Erik Middelman. The HyET team consists of scientists and engineers with research and development experience in the field of hydrogen, fuel cell and electrochemical technology.

HyET’s mission is to accelerate the transition towards a low-carbon economy by developing efficient hydrogen technology for a sustainable future.

  • Bedrijfsnaam: HyEt BV
  • Adres: Westervoortsedijk 71K
  • Postcode: 6827 AV
  • Plaats: Arnhem
  • Website: http://www.hyethydrogen.com/
  • Contactpersoon: Martijn Mulder

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